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Know that you KNOW your protocol - in 2 clicks flat!

for randomized clinical trials

Mindful, hand-held, patient-care knowledge

Psynthesys Mobile KNOWLEDGE SUPPORT converts actionable information
into cost savings for every facet of clinical operations

Say hello to then what...

When memory fails, then what?
We asked the same question.

The memory shelf

When you have the right information, then apply it, thank Psynthesys

At the speed of decision

Psynthesys is kind of like information zigging with your zag

Living documents

Study documents revised…again?!
Not a problem with Psynthesys.

Role with it

Role based trainings ensure on-point, relevant information.

Organizing principle

An interface that puts you in charge of how necessary information is ordered.

Use study documents
as a training stage

Psynthesys immerses learners directly in the material they're responsible to know by using study documents to stage learning and development content. With the most crucial information upstage, you can introduce other forms of media like video, animations or interactive modules to create rich learning experiences for your team.

  • Eliminate the retention fall-off of slide-based trainings
  • Give rich media a supporting role in communicating complex information
  • Connect learners to the content that is most important for their role
  • Experience the power of contextual, or see-do learning methodology
  • Manage content revisions with ease

Easy training setup

An interface that is intuitive and easy to use

Psynthesys' innovative split-screen authoring viewport puts everything you need to organize your training within sight and reach.

Simple drag and drop functionality promotes techno-dexterity in designing effective trainings quickly without hindrances usually experienced with new technology.

Psynthesys unique organization framework uses daily decision points to determine information ordering. Training developers and learners alike will marvel at how obvious and available essential clinical trials information seems.

Always, Anywhere Online

Plus Psynthesys works on any computing system.
The possibilities are intriguing indeed!

Adaptive Design in Research

Psynthesys' answer? An adaptive information infrastructure that enables you to change information as often and fast necessary.

Collaboration sans boundaries

Exchange, revise, approve and publish instructional designs as a team using the content collaboration library – anytime, anyplace.

Anytime/where Learning

Immediately connect to the information you need whenever, wherever you may need it – across town, across the globe.


  • Focus on study source documents
  • Split screen authoring environment
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop user interface
  • Click-and-play rich media
  • Cloud storage and team collaboration
  • Group and/or individual trainings
  • On-the-fly, anytime access
  • Easy updating and tracking
Best of all 2 click, on-target decisions


Puts necessary information nearest to where it's applied
  • Rapid training development
  • Immediate information access
  • Easy deployment
  • Flexible use scenarios
  • Reaches beyond initial training
  • Ideal training followup support

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