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\ˈsin(t)-thə-səs  \   

A combination of impressions composed to form audience perception through intuitive and intelligently designed audience experiences.

Psynthesys Crafts Life Science Stories 

...good science combined with well designed visual and textual content became great science by simply considering audience sensibilities... 

Psynthesys crafts Life Science stories for human health solutions at the point of relevance:  The bleeding edge of human experience.  Making a difference for a someone who lives a story impacted by your discovery IS your story and telling it that way matters.   


In 2005 Psynthesys founder, Rick Erickson, began working with early and mid-stage Bioscience R&D companies developing and implementing clinical team education and training programs reaching European, South and Central American and Asian audiences.  ROI feedback from clients and learners was that well-designed scientific content made a big difference to clinical team performance. 


Said another way, good science combined with well designed visual and textual content became great science by simply considering audience sensibilities in order to achieve high content absorption to meet critical performance goals. 


Learning & the Storyline


Seeing learners connect with content,  company leaders moved to implement sound interactive design methodology to pique audience engagement throughout other company marketing communications. Work showcased on this site represents a growing number of bioscience stories through brands across the web wherever patient and investor awareness is important to advancing science addressing human health concerns. 

Rick bio


Naturally brand brained, and bent to wit, Rick's illustrative storytelling style transforms the artifacts he fashions into relatable experiences. Rick works alongside lifescience visionaries to bring new hope to people whose stories their research matters the most.  Rick's branding work has helped kick start new bioscience companies, connect those with common bioscience goals and bring pharmaceutical products to market. 

His collaborations with biopharma clients include development of internal company brands, clinical team training programs and a novel, real-time learning technology.   

Dispelling the confusion your audience has that you are like some other company they know is your number one priority. 

We make sure that you are equipped to communicate this fact effectively and relevantly to those most important for you to speak to.

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