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trainings for clinical teams guaranteed a mostly clean clinical trial?


Founded in 2014, Psynthesys is a San Francisco based biopharmaceutical technology company developing tools to optimize performance of clinical teams by making real-life workplace situations powerful learning experiences.  Our workflow learning platform, In Situ,  added to the day to day workflow of clinical teams, ensures that individual clinical team member knowledge stays fresh and on point.  Integration with existing Electronic Data Collection platforms creates a dynamic knowledge building combination that answers a sponsor company's need to maintain the highest level of information integrity. 


In 2007 after 8 years as a commercial illustrator and graphic designer, Psynthesys founder Rick Erickson, turned his attention to the world of life science innovation. He embarked on a journey ultimately leading to team trainings for clinical trials, managing, producing and designing all educational program facets from training strategy to curriculum for phase 1-3 clinical trials.  Then, a big question began to brew.

Sticky Information

In particular, Rick's work with a mid-size biopharma concern became a pet project. Having partnered with the company's clinical operations team to successfully bring a novel antibiotic to US, European and South American markets, 6 new Phase 3 trials to re-indicate the antibiotic for pediatrics began.  Rick was tasked with leading a push for innovative training solutions that in the words the VP of Clin ops "made protocol information sticky."  The context for this sticky information focus was expressed as lack of training expense R.O.I.  –  i.e., for all the expense of training, the instance and costs of protocol deviations and compliance issues failed to fall.  Was there something that could be done to help learners retain what they were taught sufficiently to impact their performance?

Context & Learning

Experiments began.  We educated ourselves on the a, b, c's, of cognition and learning, using what we learned as a baseline to brainstorm on applying to clinical trial situations.  The big challenge to ensure the science was understood and that conditions under which the science worked were relevant and specifically applicable to the trifecta investigative roles of the scientist, patient caregiver and researcher.  We all agreed that by locating learning matter nearest the contexts of clinical trial scenarios, memory had a higher probability of readily activating when exposed to experiences corresponding with learned matter in the field.  We organized information the way it would most often be experienced by learners and staged subject care simulations to mimic such encounters.  Using decision and problem solving discussions in a live forum to engage learners, a blend of lively classroom, social/collaborative learning became the centerpiece of our trainings.  The big step of creating an even more powerful way to correlate investigator experiences with learning was soon to come.  You can learn of it on this site - In Situ; a multi-device learning experience platform that changes clinical teams learning to learning with measurable R.O.I. outcomes  


Our Mission, Our Mantra

Catch mistakes before they happen!

Too simple right?  Or is it?  Being aware of the mass of moving parts and the mountain of crazy making detail associated with clinical operations, we asked, "what could possibly go wrong?"  The answers we've gotten come from any number of sleep deprived project managers propped up by caffeine and sheer will power.  Truth is, no way can the average clinical team professional effectively attend to all of it at once.


BUT – s/he can attend to the most salient information and tasks of most import that have direct impact. 


Our technology supports Workflow Learning that creates laser sharp focus while promoting experience-centered learning.  Immediate access to the right actionable information equips your clinical team members to verifiably contribute to your study's success.


Experience Where Clinical Trials Happen

Our team is a collective of drug development and biotech innovators whose day to day concerns in the execution of real-life clinical trials. Individually and collectively their impact within clinical research domains has enriched medical science addressing health concerns worldwide.

FOUNDER/CEO, RICK ERICKSON's 12 years of instructional design and educational programming with clinical teams left him with one big question: With the  exorbitant  resources spent to train clinical teams why are clinical trial errors, omissions and oversights so excessive?  Extensive explorations across a variety of commercial industries led to an understanding of the basic disconnect between...


CO-FOUNDER/DIRECTOR OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, COLIN MILGATE is the mastermind behind the technical design and development of Psynthesys' information processing architecture. Biopharma companies like Pfizer, Medivation and PDD Trials have relied on Colin's deep expertise to build and maintain computing systems capable of meeting the massive data processing needs of large  biopharma...




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