Remember when

A training guaranteed your clinical teams ran a flawless clinical trial?

The Psynthesys 3 whys



Communication disorder



If clinical teams are among the most competent of professionals, then what what other likely suspects might lead to clinical mistakes?

A deeper look at the underlying causes suggests informational disorderliness;  Critical communications gone missing or misplaced,  procedural confusion, protocol misinterpretations. These are a few of the problems we set out to remedy.   



Brains and IM's do not compute

No matter how smart we got about crafting investigator meetings, the attendee story remained unchanged: They would rather be someplace else.  And it showed end to end  during a trial.  Despite on point and engaging content, attendee pampering, and state of the art training and spaces, it became clear that the epic fall off of knowledge  was no fall off

at all but an unnatural disconnect between classroom learning and places where

information interacts with real people and situations.



The no "I" in TEAM conundrum

Amid the day to day maelstrom at clinical sites it is tough to gather appropriate team members around important patient care processes.  With a reliable mechanism and strategy at hand to foster consistent interactive opportunities, team individuals will experience higher rates of a team's collective success.



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