The complex ideas of Bioscience made memorable through experiences

The work we do for biopharma and life science is ongoing and proprietary. Examples shared by request

We collaborate with Biopharma to create impactful large and small group trainings with online knowledge support 

for clinical teams  



or as we like to call them Investor trainings

Though Investors are a sophisticated bunch, it takes a Bill Nye the Science Guy approach to deliver a compelling story


The scope of our work for large and small audiences in Bioscience reaches across many life science domains as well as across the globe


Learning Experiences

We're known for our work using a scenario or simulation training model.  Working directly with MDs we develop interactive doctor/patient stories. 

Learning content is keyed directly to meaningful points of decision making based on real-world contexts for learners


A product matched to the methodology

We're so serious about the 'learning experience' model that we built a technology around it. 

The Psynthesys project is noted in various places in this site.  Here's another opportunity to learn more about it if you haven't already 

Psynthesys clinical trials knowledge support platform, In Situ, takes advantage of a day-in-the-life of clinical team members, turning static information into personal learning experiences.

It's early in our product release but In Situ has already been used on a phase 2 clinical trial.

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