Hard science, soft touch 

Through this collaboration with Myeloid Therapeutic's CEO Daniel Getts we were able to express a balance between the hard-to-relate language of science and lay audience appeal by adding soft, altered-time, human backdrop.  The strategy supported a it could be anybody, even you narrative that projected forward to their upcoming clinical trials to speak to patients facing health issues improved by Myeloid's technology. Myeloid's tech addresses key mechanisms driving the immune response that they use to deliver a fatal payload to cancer cells.  

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Cell Therapy Programs

Using a harmonized, one-day manufacturing process, we are moving into the clinic with our ATAK  monocytes.  These myeloid cells are engineered with a novel CAR design that triggers tumor-specific phagocytosis and secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines, resulting in a hot tumor microenvironment and causing tumor cell death.  In addition, ATAK monocytes sustain the ability to cross-present antigens, generating a durable anti-tumor response by cytotoxic T cells.


T Cell Lymphoma





MT-101 is being developed for the treatment of relapsed and refractory CD5-expressing T cell lymphomas. Refractory PTCL is a lethal disease with limited treatment options, that until now has not benefited from innovations in cell therapy.


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