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Growth Spurt

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  • Basic multi-page website built with Wix ultimate online web building tool for companies in quick grow mode.

  • Animation of elements

  • Conversion elements

  • SEO

  • Site Booster App

  • Client dashboard

  • Content Management System

  • Visitor analytics

  • VIP support

ESSENTIAL website experience... 

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...website PLUS your investor deck

Add a high impact slide deck to your website to cover the two ESSENTIAL funder touch points.

  • Slide deck to match online assets

  • Professional visual aesthetic

  • Key message development

  • Info graphics & charts

  • Distribution assets

  • Startup phase branding

  • Made to iterate

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The branding utility knife EDGE  


Startup growth stage branding you use to upgrade your company story

  • In-depth analysis of next stage company growth markers

  • Series A+ messaging customization

  • Customer and public facing narrative

  • Beginning Company culture statements

  • Visual brand decisions

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Early development tenacity finds you peeking out above the shade of competitive influences – with a fertile brand your seedling company can contend on equal footing for business forest nutrient.  Your company roots must now become deeply entangled with the social substrate of the communities you serve.

Early-stage development has turned your experience into the most enduring aspects of your identity.  Growth isn't immanent, it's real.

Our GROWTH SPURT product is a practical and strategic blend of knowledge, tools and use strategies you'll need for sustainable and healthy company growth.

1. A relatable identity

  • A powerful symbol or visual identity

  • A story company audiences can identify with 


2.  Tiered brand messaging that supports the story

3.  A strategic blend of data driven audience engagement tools 

4.  A social network building strategy

5.  Feedback mechanisms to monitor a data driven messaging efficacy.  

For your growing reality 

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