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Skin Disease Progression Tracking

Interactive Physician Assistant

Array Bio was looking for a way to call physicians' attention to critical assessments in clinical development of their pipeline drug Binimetinib. Screens shown are from a tool I and a team of 4-5 other people co-developed for Array's needs.

UI/UX Design

My role was the design of a 3D Patient Design Tracking module. In the module, a user is able to photograph a part of a real patient's body, upload to the module and photograph diseas progression over time. The UI navigation is 3D map of a body that the user can manipulate to position for the best view of the affected body part, select it using a selection tool, and then "attach" photos of the disease site(s). Clicking on the site loads photos and notes made on the patient. Physicians would also be able to use the tool to make patient Risk Assessments, make disease Site Status assessment notes and enter any Treatment details in the app for a particular patient.


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