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Clinical Trials Knowledge Support - UI/UX


Psynthesys (the Human Elements' parent company) embarked on a journey six years ago, along with clinical trials concerns, to develop technologies that provide pharmaceutical research teams worldwide, 24/7 access, to the right kind of patient care knowledge when and where they need it.

In an industry that is resistant to change, the product needed to feel familiar and approachable presenting with just the right amount of forward thinking to help users feel comfortable with a new way of going about the tasks in front of them. With well researched and thought out angles to building the platform we created what we think is a real scenario picture of a was. Psynthesys has built this system from the ground up by their small dedicated team


The main advantage of being so close to the project at all phases of research and development what that we had the voice of our end user throughout and could translate their ideas into a brand that reflected their own view of the system against experience and a competitive landscape.

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