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SMOC was in an extremely unique position:  They had discovered the underlying mechanisms driving behavior of the innate immune system; Supera-Molecular Organizing Centers or SMOCs.  Their discovery came as a result of new technology they developed where identifying and targeting many elusive molecular players that are the cause of several big ticket disease states is possible.  They met one of their main objectives quickly, selling their technology in November 2019 as a result of our collaboration in telling their story through high level pitch opportunities in targeted slide decks. 


What is it?

What you're looking at is a piece of the innate immune system that has only recently been elucidated through new technological ap-proaches to 'seeing' what goes on in this critical aspect of human health.  It is unavoidably central to SMOC Therapeutics vision to use their unique knowledge and technology to improve the health of millions across the globe.  

Visual ID Explorations

Because of complex molecule modeling technology we have a pretty good idea of what SMOCs look like and generally how they behave.  they are an incredibly intricate, active network of complex symmetric structures that are constantly changing as they respond to pathogens.  The Visual Identity solution is based on a symbolic simplification made as 3d assets the company could animate, expand and vary as a way to include the logo in the narrative of breakthrough discovery they are engaged in.  

Vector Smart Object-10.png
Vector Smart Object-5.png
Vector Smart Object-2.png
Vector Smart Object_AB3Copy.png
Vector Smart Object-4.png
Vector Smart Object.png
Vector Smart Object-7.png
Vector Smart Object-6.png
Vector Smart Object_AB2Copy.png
Vector Smart Object_AB4.png
Vector Smart Object-4.png
Vector Smart Object-9.png
Vector Smart Object-8.png
Vector Smart Object-12.png
Vector Smart Object-3.png
Vector Smart Object.png
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