December 20, 2017

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Experience the Power

of Workflow Learning

In Situ workflow learning platform turns each direct patient care moment into an experience-centered learning opportunity.


on Point

Learning something right, where it counts, at the point of critical action –


– sort of like catching mistakes before they happen

In Situ organizes clinical teams around the required information they use to conduct high quality clinical trials. 


With your protocol, supporting study documents, and interactive educational media in one place, any device becomes a portal for experience-centered learning and excellence in patient care 


Key advantages:

User adaptive content

RefStitch™ technology

Study document distribution and tracking

In Situ inserts your study's  complex knowledge paradigms  into our unique semantic, inter-documental  scaffolding. Effectively eliminating  standard cut-and-paste workflows, the platform stitches correlated, on-point, actionable content 

throughout  mission critical documentation, based  on 

the learner's immediate information need. 


Knowledge discovery is lightning fast, reducing the information noise that often swamps the signal in clinical trials.

In Situ helps clinical teams manage the natural evolution of information in a fraction of the time and cost typically experienced using other outmoded, industry standard products and strategies. 


Update major and minor changes in protocols, manuals, forms and other mission critical study documents , then distribute, track and generate  reports on your teams' interactions with new content.  

In Situ's  flexible content framework is what makes real-time experience-centered learning possible  


The result? Unprecedented, on-the-fly content tailored to individual learner knowledge needs. 


You can use your existing file management or eLearning management solution if you have the time and information integrity to squander - or never waste a moment again by using In Situ instead.

 Initiate, track and document team interactions

Your teams' usual professional social scenarios become meaningful reference points directly impacting individual performance and generating valuable data.​

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