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Startup Kits


Multi-page/device website

Startup pitch deck

The combination of a website that visitors find their interest growing by the minute creates is a someone who will seek you out to learn more. A pitch deck for early to middle stage company's puts you in a strong position to communicate the most compelling details of your story at an even deeper level.  We'll help you prepare for your audience(s) next step in joining you on your journey towards scientific breakthroughs that make a difference to humanity. 

Project engagement information

Product features:


  • Multi-device compatibility

  • Responsive design content 

  • Dynamic pages

  • Content automations

  • Engaging user experiences

  • Animations and rich media

  • Visitor conversion elements

  • Forms and submissions workflow

  • Online accessibility protocols

  • https security protocol

  • Client dashboard

  • Client content editor

  • SEO

  • Visitor analytics

  • VIP support

Startup slide deck:

  • High fidelity graphic styling with compelling info graphics that add dynamic to your Startup Canvas narrative. 

  • Content development and copywriting

  • Company narrative

  • Illustrations

  • Animations

  • PDF ready files

  • Online distribution assets

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