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Growth Spurt

Growth-stage branding to fine-tune your company story

By now the world at large is aware of what you're up to and they're impressed with what you've done.  Your company potential is clear and why you're planning for a series B raise.  Now that you've grown a solid cohort of connections and a large collection of data gleaned from interest expressed online you know a lot more a lot better. 


THE EDGE branding collaboration with Psynthesys helps clarify the essence of your story, using communication strategies that firm up your company position.  

Project Features:

New company visual identity     |     Overarching visual theme

Company narrative     |    Key messages

Branding Project Focus:

Impact research:  

influences and factors

  • Company audit

  • Industry audit

  • Competitive analysis

  • Audience Profile

Company Position

Drawing from information found in the research phase, we'll develop strategic conceptual assets (textual and visual) unique to your company  that differentiate you in the marketplace.