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GEOM Therapeutics Brand Management


GEOM Therapeutics engages us some 4 years ago when they entered the realm of Antibiotic research. Over time we have collaborated to create marketing materials from its inception to present over the course of seed, NIH, CARB X and soon Series A financing rounds. During that time they've passed every test in their quest to introduce what could be the next generation of cephalosporin class antibiotic addressing the growing public need for drug resistant organisms.

Like similar clients we work with a high degree of scientifically technical we have been relied on to translate their story into something easy to understand by their sophisticated investor and government audiences.

Brendan Hannah, CEO of GEOM:

At Geom, we were looking for a complete ground up build of our website, confidential and non-confidential slide decks, and overall corporate branding. Having worked previously with Rick at a different company, I knew we would be in the hands of an expert and he completely exceeded our expectations in regards to deliverables, attention to detail, and creative approaches to branding and data representation that really capture our company’s objectives and strategy. In addition to his stellar work product, Rick is a delight to work with and I will continue to recommend him to colleagues.

Our work together has included infographics, video, pitch decks and of course web work

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