to communicate their brand.  We merely converted the double "X" into the helix of DNA scaffolding and created a custom font prefix to underscore the linkage between their research in genetic science and the treatment of pain.


How do you get to the root of a language that uses just 4 letters, no more, to form the most amazing communicative complex thus far understood by humanity? Ask Adynxx.  And so the challenge - to find an equally paired down solution

Precise and diffucult language, mountains of information, extreme knowledge depth;  these aspects are the concern of PFLUENT.  The name may seem at first incongruous for a medical writing company - then comes a startling image:

"pfluent," black-on-white paper, water streaming through the name to somewhere off the page.  Information in solution clients, to programs, to market - all targeted endpoints for biotechnology research.





"We plan to be the best option for statistical programs for the biotech industry," got our team to work creating a personality, name first, to live up to this startup's declaration for this immense industry.  Symbols in imagery and language communicate all things statistical (precision, variability, insight, abstraction, strategy) were employed throughout their many collaterals.